Top Trout Fishing Lures

Top Trout Fishing Lures

Trout fishing lures come in a wide array of designs and to improve your trout fishing experience, you need to know the specialty of each of these lures. Any experienced fisherman would tell you that the trout lures you select should be determined based on factors like the season, the kind of trout you are targeting and also, your own comfort level.

Spinners are trout fishing lures used in spinner fishing and not in fly fishing. They are meant to imitate the prey that the trout naturally prefer. But in all honesty, these trout fishing lures don’t look too much like the natural preys they are designed after. During the spring months, the trout fish are normally found close to the bottom of the water. They are very slow as they are just coming out of their winter hibernation period. So the best type of lures in this case would be ones that are neither too light nor too heavy. If the lures are too light, then they may not reach the fish and just drift away. On the other hand if the trout fishing lures are too heavy, they may sink and get caught in plants, algae or rocks. It is advisable to carry different types of lures, and experimenting with them will indicate which ones to use. You can use an un-weighted spinner and worm rigs during the spring time. Allow this to drift along the bottom surface of the water, such that it stays there for short time duration and lures the trout in.

Spoons are highly popular type of lure. They are essentially spoon-shaped spinners that tremble on being retrieved. These lures are meant to resemble small bait fish, but the trout you are targeting may or may not fall for these, depending on what they are feeding on at that point in time. For instance, if the trout are not finding any bait fish to feed on, then they may realize that these spoons are out of place. Thus, they may not get attracted to the spoons. Spoons are available in several shapes and sizes. If you are trout fishing in spring, make use of heavy spoons that are less than an inch long.

Rooster tails are popular trout lures too. They are called so, because these lures generally have some type of animal hair at the end. Rooster tails are meant to resemble minnow, a naturally occurring trout prey. By tweaking the lip on these types of trout fishing lures, you can adjust the water depth to which they dive. An average rooster tail would measure in at about 3-4 inches long.

If you are a newbie fisherman, it is best to try spin fishing upstream and across, based on the speed of the water current. While using lures, the cardinal rule is to never fix anything that isn’t broken and if something is broken, try something different till it shows positive results.



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