Successful Camping Tips

Successful Camping Tips

Before one joins a camping activity, it is very important to keep in
mind the following camping tips that will enable everybody to enjoy a hassle
and fuzz free camp. What do you think are the things that one should always
remember before going to camp? Here are some tips that can help bring about a
successful camp.

It is a must that a camper knows how to perform first aid. Skills in
first aid enable you to deal with any injuries or sickness: very important when
you could be several miles from a doctor, let alone a hospital. A mobile phone
is very useful in these situations, so make sure that you have one with you.
However, a cell phone is not a substitute for good skills in first aid that
would prevent an injury or an illness from developing into something more

Since you are far from markets or convenient stores, your menus must
be planned beforehand. Apart from sourcing all the ingredients that you need,
you will also be able to budget your food properly. You don’t want fancy food
at a camp, but meals that are easily and quickly prepared, and that will last
if not all consumed at once. Doing this will save time, money, and energy.
Wastage can be avoided by accurate calculation of portions and carrying and
preparing no more than is needed.

Since you will likely be camping in an area that is quite foreign
and unfamiliar to you, it is better to have company all the time through the
implementation of a buddy-buddy system. This keeps you from danger and provides
you not only with the security that such a system is designed to give, but also
a friend.

It is also extremely important to make sure you take everything that
you are going to need. Make up a list at home and tick off each item as it is
packed: First aid kit, tent, water (if there is none at the site), flashlight,
condiments, cooking tools, waterproof clothes, spare battery, map, cell phone,
beddings, etc. You must make a checklist of all these so that you will not have
a hard time repacking them all when the camp is over. A camera would be useful
to document your camping experience, but whatever you add to your list keep one
simple fact in mind.

Now for some camping tips on what to avoid. Carry all of your
valuables and ID with you at all times. You can’t carry all of your belongings
but make sure you have your money, passport or ID. If you intend to be out late
make sure you have a torch or flashlight.It is also wise never to leave the
camp alone especially at night, and even if you have a buddy you must not stay
out of the camp at night especially if you are not acquainted with the area.
You should also make sure that when you do leave camp you have some money with
you.You never know when you will need it.

If you follow these camping tips you will be able to keep safe while
having a great time, and you will also learn how to appreciate the environment
and live in harmony with it.



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