Hunting Tree Stands

Hunting Tree Stands

When deer hunting most hunters choose to use an elevated tree stand to shoot from. This gives the hunter many advantages as they have more of a vantage point to view the deer from far distances and also are a little better camouflaged from the deer’s point of view.

However, with a little bit of knowledge, you can choose the best tree to stand for you. One of the one things you should determine is if you will be moving your stand a lot or if you can use a fixed tree stand. With a fixed stand, you have much more options for how to organize your stand such as if you want a ladder tree stand or if you would like to build your modification to reaching your stand. When buck hunting from a fixed tree stand, you can monitor year to year what type of movement and patterns the bucks go through the year to year. This can help you understand where your best chances are to bag a huge buck.

If you plan on hunting in many different areas or rotating your tree stand a lot, you may want to choose a climbing tree stand. These types of deer hunting stands are most popular among hunters without their land or the privilege to hunt on private land. Climbing stands are portable and easy to use once you get the hang of them as they can be tricky the first few times. The greatest advantage to these stands are that you can be as high or low in a tree as you want, you can face whatever direction suits your needs best, and it is usually not kept outside for long periods so does not have to take as much of a weather beating. The greatest disadvantages to it are that you have to carry with your gear, it is usually smaller than fixed stands, and it is normally a bit more challenging to get up in the tree with it.

This type of stand is more of a platform than a stand and does not involve the use of a tree. It is simply made of three or four legs a ladder and a platform or a seat, and are best used for areas that have very little trees or trees that will not support the type of stand you would prefer to use. Many times when a hunter is using a tripod stand they also use deer hunting blinds which are just camouflaged screens used to help you blend into the environment. Tripod stands are usually hard to move so that they will spend the majority of time in the same spot.



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