Hunting stands

Hunting stands

In the weeks and, for some hunters, months prior to the opening of deer hunting, the hunters are busy getting everything ready for that opening day. They need to ensure their guns are sited in, that they have enough ammo to use, and another thing that needs to be considered in all of this preparing and planning is the type of hunt or stand to be used.

There are different deer hunting methods that are commonly used, which include stand hunting, still hunting, and group hunting. I believe that the best form of hunting is stand hunting. There are numerous different types of deer hunting stands to choose from, such as hang-on tree stands, ladder tree stands, climbing tree stands, and tripod deer stands just to name a few.

There are some advantages to using deer hunting stands as your way to hunt deer. When in a stand, you are given the benefit of being higher up in the air. Deer hunting stands are usually set up or put into a tree from anywhere to 12 – 20 feet up. With this height advantage, you are able to see deer more easily within brush and tall grasses. It is also less likely that you will be winded, or have your scent detected by a deer, with you being above him. Another advantage of being elevated above the deer is that you are not in their main line of sight, not to say that a deer will not look up and be able to see you if you are making many larger movements. But with you not being within his line of sight, if you are making a slight movement the deer will most likely not detect it.

When you are hunting, staying quiet so the deer are not able to detect you is also a major factor. When you are elevated within a deer hunting stand, it is quite as easy for a deer to hear you or necessarily pinpoint exactly where the sound came from. If they look in your direction after hearing a noise, with you remaining perfectly still, they may not be able to spot you within the coverage of the trees.

When you are preparing for deer hunting opener and trying to determine the type of hunting that you would like to do for the season, keep in mind all of the advantages that using a deer hunting stand has.



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