Hunting stands

Hunting stands

There are many different types of Hunting stands on the market for the hunter to choose from. Depending on his needs, a hunter can opt for a permanent stand high in a tree, or a temporary one for use in a variety of different locations. Come deer season; the deer stand becomes the hunter’s home away from home. Therefore it is essential that the hunter makes sure it is comfortable and fits his needs.

Whether the hunter is using a rifle, a crossbow, or a traditional bow and arrow, using a tree stand is often the best choice for every deer hunter. Being elevated above the ground allows the hunter a much better view, and allows him to remain hidden better from his target. While ground blinds work for many hunters, a tree stand is the best choice for a successful hunt.

Probably the most common stand is one that is fixed. After finding a favorite hunting location, the easiest option is to erect a permanent stand for use season after season. The durable stand is also the most stable, and can support anywhere from two to four large men, unlike the portable stand which is made light for ease of hauling. A good way to get to a fixed tree stand is using tree steps, or blocks of wood nailed to the tree. A permanent stand is a great option for the hunter who has his property and knows the deer that are in the area.

The other popular option for the hunter looking for a stand is the portable type. This is a great choice for the hunter who is hunting in a variety of different locations. The temporary stand is often built to be very light, and finding one that is easy to assemble and will be very important. A climbing tree stand will allow the mobility necessary of a temporary stand, while a ladder stand will allow the hunter to feel safe and secure, using the tree for support, and since this type of stand is so sturdy, it can hold one or two large men comfortably, and will allow for great mobility.

The most important thing when choosing a stand is finding the one that suits the hunter’s individual needs. A tree stand is always a great choice and allows the hunter a bird’s eye view to see his trophy coming from a distance.



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