Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives

When going hunting, one of the most basic things to have
with you is the knife. However, choosing the best hunting knife is not a walk
in the park. Since there are a lot of types out there, choosing one can be very
confusing, especially when they all look the same to the untrained eye. Well,
fortunately, this article will show you the things you need to consider when
looking for the best hunting knife that will suit your needs.


First of all, you need to know how much you are willing to spend on a knife.
You can purchase a good hunting knife for $50 to even more than $1000. Yes,
hunting knives can cost that much. But since you just need it to do the
essentials like cutting, there is no need for you to dig deep into your pockets
for such an expensive tool. You just need one that does the trick for you.

A good hunting task must be able to do the basic thing that needs to be done,
which is to skin an animal to make it ready for cooking. Such tasks involved
are splitting the rib cage and cutting through cartilage and the bones. Thus,
you should look for a sharp hunting knife that can easily accomplish its main


One thing you need to know is that a bigger hunting knife does not necessarily
mean it is better. You need to consider the size of the animal you want to
hunt. Having a big hunting knife is essentially useless when dressing a small
animal. Hunting small animals like a rabbit does not need the same kind of
knife as one would need when hunting deer or bigger animals. Nonetheless, the
general rule of thumb is to have a knife with a blade of at least 4 inches.

Types of Hunting Knives

There are two basic types of hunting knives: folders and fixed blade knives.

Fixed blade knives are the best kind of knife, except for the fact that they
can be quite a hassle to carry around because of their size.

Since they have a fixed blade, some of their benefits include:




On the other hand, folder knives are a lot easier to carry around since you can
fold their blades in, making it smaller and easier to store in your backpack.
When choosing folder knives, you should increase your budget since cheap folder
knives are not that durable. Make sure you buy one from a reputable company
that pays attention to the tiny details of the blade.

If you are a regular hunter, then having a fixed blade knife is the best choice
for you whatever game you are hoping to hunt. But if you just want a knife that
can get the job done, then having a folding knife should be the best hunting
knife for you. Whatever type of knife you choose, it is important that you
choose one that is durable, affordable and functional. These are just some of
the basic things you need to consider, but ultimately it all boils down to an
individual’s preference and budget. Just remember one thing, you get what you
pay for so always be wise when choosing.



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