Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures

When people conjure up thoughts of ultralight bass fishing during the mid-summer heat, they typically return to thinking about the air conditioning, and television. What the hey, it’s more comfortable anyways, right? What you don’t realize is that you just cost yourself some of the best bass experiences you could have imagined.

One of everybody’s favorite ultralight bass fishing styles is using top water baits. So yeah, name somebody who doesn’t love a big blowup, especially on a small lure! When people are talking about the subject, poppers and buzz baits are usually the top of the conversation. People have caught more fish with these two lures, than with any other top water baits combined.

Early in the morning, or earlier in the evening, just after the sun has settled in, and your eyes adjust to the change is the best time to apply top water in this season… Choosing the right bait to use at the right time is the key to landing more fish. Water temperatures in smaller reservoirs that we like to fish in warm up to temperatures that the fish don’t feel comfortable in. They typically won’t exert a lot of energy chasing down a bait until the water cools back down.

When the sun is high overhead, though, the fish cannot look up for their food. If they did, they would go blind — they don’t have any eyelids to protect them like we do. This forces them to stay looking down, and seek overhead cover. This is when I break out my jigs and worms.

The jig and worm are perfect for when the sun is shining brightly because they can be bounced slow or fast across the bottom, stirring up the silt and attracting attention. Finding fish with these baits is a slow going method, but you have to be patient if you want to be successful and catch more fish anyways!

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