Fishing Bait

Fishing Bait

When it comes to live bait, there are a number of options for trout fishermen. Worms, such as Nightcrawlers, for example, are generally a safe bet when trout fishing. These worms are the perfect weight balance for those long casts, and they are readily easy to come by. Some trout fisherman, however, don’t like the live worms because of their size and that they can make the casting some prefer too challenging.

Other live bait options that trout fishermen swear by are:

* Hellgrammites
* Water worms
* Insect larvae
* Small minnows
* Crayfish

However, some of these can be more difficult to find as autumn approaches. If you’re casting from a distance, these live bait options can pose some tricky problems.

Small minnows are excellent for trout fishing, and this is especially true early in the season when the fish tend to move more slowly, due to the cold water temperatures. When going after larger trout, the more experienced trout fisherman may choose a chunk of chub or even what’s known as sucker meant.

A crayfish is a great option when you’re going after that prize catch. When it comes to the best trout fishing bet, live crayfish on a set of eight gang hooks is a tough thing to beat.

Artificial and man-made bait

Man-made bait, more commonly known these days as synthetic bait, comes in many colors, varieties, and styles. Hatchery trout have an affinity for synthetic bait, though the reason for this is still unknown. If you plan on fishing in a lake that is stocked with trout, then synthetic bait will be the way to go.

Synthetic bait in these cases will actually outperform live bait. The only key to synthetic bait is to try different lures, different colors, and combinations. When you do, you’ll find success sooner rather than later.

Other less traditional bait

Believe it or not, corn and cheese were successful bait options from a time many years ago and cheese still works amazingly well today, especially with hatchery trout. Simply tie the cheese to a set of gang hooks and use it where the water is relatively calm and still.

Experiment with bait options

Many trout fishermen run the gamut of different bait options in one fishing excursion. One day you may find that a particular kind of bait brought you success, while another day wasn’t kind to it. It is difficult to accurately predict what trout will be hungry for from one day to the next.



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